Thomas Coughlan & Co. Solicitors are located at 1-2 Anglesea Street, Cork.

Thomas Coughlan & Co. Solicitors are located at 1/2 Anglesea Street, Cork City. We have a forward-looking approach to the practice of law. Our solicitors and support staff possess unrivalled levels of legal skill, expertise, and professionalism in our Practice Areas Our knowledge in these areas is continuously developing in order to provide our clients with legal services in a modern and efficient manner.

Our staff have many years of experience in many facets of the legal world. We have a forward looking approach to development, with continued investment in the firm, our people and our facilities.

Our service is founded on our people, their skills, and their experience. In recent years, the practice has grown. Through investment in our people we are continuously expanding, with ongoing growth in a wide range of areas in which we offer specialist advice.

We are a highly motivated and focused company and we are constantly looking at ways of improving our service. Our staff receive the best and most up to date training to ensure that our clients continue to receive the highest standard of professional legal advice in an ever-changing legal world.

We provide a full legal service. Our main practice areas are Immigration & Asylum/International Protection, Personal Injuries*, Family Law, Criminal Defence, Employment Law, and Disability Law.

Thomas Coughlan & Co. Solicitors are affiliated with James A. O’Malley PC, 299 Broadway, New York, New York. James A. O’Malley PC is a specialist immigration law firm in the United States of America and is available to represent persons wishing to migrate to the United States of America and to provide advice in relation to American immigration law.

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